Simplified User Onboarding

LabCore provides a lot of value without required a lot of data from the user, but it can scale to 10 million fields also

Field locations and boundaries can be added by simply drawing them in, or by bulk uploading them from shapefiles, KMLs, GeoJSONs or other formats

Producers benefit from centralized, yet private data organization

  • Keep any kind of data organized by Farm / Field / Barn

  • Benefit from structured data capture - a novel and industry-leading way to simplify data capture

  • Collaborate with trusted consultants who can provide management and tech support for data capture and reporting

  • Work within a framework to capture data usable for carbon credit or environmental services registration

The LabCore advantage:

  • Deep domain knowledge
  • less communication overhead
  • faster time to market

LabCore development is authored by Dr. Kaustubh Bhalerao, Founder and CEO of Soil Diagnostics, Inc. He has over 20 years of technical domain expertise in Agricultural Engineering, data analytics, agricultural sensor and analytical equipment development and web technologies. Soil Diagnostics, Inc. provides consulting on agribusiness and agtech software development to global clients such as soil testing laboratories, agronomists, seed and variety testing companies, agricultural carbon credit companies and crop insurance ratings developers.