Problem: All Ag Service Providers share common needs

  1. A Customer Data & Business Management System

    Clients / Farms / Fields / Products / Orders / Reports / Invoices

  2. Upload, visualize and analyze geospatial data

    Shapefiles, remote-sensed imagery, weather data

  3. Capture client- and field-specific management data

    Activity dates, durations. as-applied rates for inputs, store images and documents

  4. A mobile interface to capture in-season data

    Geolocated crop and field scouting pictures, Soil sampling locations

  5. Assurances for data privacy, continuity and multi-tiered access

  6. Flexibility to grow as the business environment changes

The Solution: LabCore

LabCore is a multi-user, geospatially-aware information management system with:

  1. Visualize and analyze GIS data
  2. Capture rich data directly on a production asset
  3. GLP-capable laboratory information storage
  4. Mobile app SDK
  5. Scalable and flexible

Producers benefit from centralized, yet private data organization

  1. Keep any kind of data organized by Farm / Field / Barn
  2. Benefit from structured data capture - a novel and industry-leading way to simplify data capture
  3. Collaborate with trusted consultants who can provide management and tech support for data capture and reporting
  4. Work within a framework to capture data usable for carbon credit or environmental services registration

LabCore Clients manage > 1M acres

LabCore’s clients provide a wide range of agricultural and environmental services to their producer clients, such as:

  1. Soil and environmental sampling and analytical testing services
  2. Fertilizer recommendation and precision agriculture agronomy services
  3. Risk analysis support for agri-finance and crop insurance rating development
  4. Regenerative and conservation agriculture practices
  5. Field trial and R&D support for microbials and other products

LabCore improves the efficiency of processing work orders for agriculture and environmental service providers

LabCore features a full-featured Work Order system which provides

  1. Setup of Products and Services along with setting up Packages
  2. Establish pricing for products and packages, with discounts for dealers
  3. A Shopping Cart-like interface to create Work Orders
  4. Work Order Status modeling tool that illuminates the state of every work order in the system
  5. Generation of PDF documents such as Work Order forms or invoices
  6. Integration with Stripe e-commerce platform to process payments

Simplified User Onboarding

LabCore provides a lot of value without required a lot of data from the user, but it can scale to 10 million fields also

Field locations and boundaries can be added by simply drawing them in, or by bulk uploading them from shapefiles, KMLs, GeoJSONs or other formats

Draw in Field Boundaries, or upload shapefiles

Capture Field-specific notes

  1. Customize calendar events and capture data with a simple drag-and-drop
  2. Attach photographs and capture geolocations
  3. Notify users of pending information requests
  4. Benefit from highly structured datasets

Customized mobile app using our APIs

Customized mobile app using our APIs

Mobile SDK provides development guidelines for offline-capable field scouting and soil sampling

Custom mobile apps have been deployed in USA and Brazil that serve as branded assets directly connected with the LabCore backend

LabCore enables Portfolio-scale risk and value analysis on millions of acres

Analyze fields for resilience, responsiveness to management, and make decisions on input optimization:

Which varieties for which field?
How much fertilizer?
Which fields require less management time?

Feature Comparison with MNC competitor Granular LabCore Comments
Use existing data yes yes Shapefiles / GeoJSON / KML / GeoTiff
GIS capabilities Via AgStudio minimal Shapefile exports obviate need, but basic drawing capabilities supported
See profit by acre yes not built in Plugin developed for
Visualize what impacts yields yes Yes (R-score) Field risk score based on soils, topology and variability rather than yield
Share geolocated photos and notes yes yes Including support for voice memos and video links
Variable Rate seeding yes yes Via powerful, multi-tenant, agronomist-generated formula
Fertility prescriptions yes yes Via powerful, multi-tenant, agronomist-generated formula
In-season adjustments yes Add on Possible with weather plugin + alerts system
Nitrogen management Add on Add on Via GMSLab or
Centralized recordkeeping yes yes Dedicated private installation for primary user
Inventory management yes yes Farm assets and consumables tracking
Task management and Scheduling isolated standard System-wide, highly customizable, provides field-specific logging
Livestock module No optional Built in association with University of Illinois
Automatic management zone creation Not mentioned standard Defensible for pre-sampling stratification analysis for SOC
Soils, Topology, Crop rotation history Not mentioned standard Factors for soil loss and erosion potential included
Shapefile output for machinery control Via AgStudio standard Works with most controllers
E-commerce integration Not mentioned standard Invoice generation and integration with Stripe is standard
Work order management and fulfilment Not mentioned standard Customizable Order Status labels to model extant workflows
Soil sampling planning tools Via AgStudio standard Includes zone-based, and grid-based placement
Product / Package / Price / Discount modeling No standard Necessary for our multi-tenant system
Pricing Model By the acre ($3-6) and login + support By the instance Annual contracts range from $18k to $250k, depending on custom development, support. Unlimited acres and logins
Acquisition cost $300M ??? LabCore has zero dilutive funding
Compliance and regulation Not mentioned supported Pathway for GDPR, internationalization, ADA and OWASP

Scalable architecture that grows with you

LabCore Values and Ethical Guidelines

  1. Decentralization - Every installation in separate and data is physically isolated. Every Client is assured that their proprietary information is safe even if SoilDx no longer continues to exist
  2. Extensibility - LabCore is spun up into a ‘daughter project’ that allows infinite extensibility, code security, and pathway to Client-specific compliance
  3. Collaborative - SoilDx encourages Clients to contribute code and features to LabCore where it can benefit all other LabCore clients seamlessly
  4. Domain expertise - we are not just software developers, but have years of experience in building agricultural and environmental technologies and serving agricultural and environmental businesses
  5. Relationships - We engage with customers who prefer long-term strategic relationships with SoilDx and who can recognize the merit in these values